Who We Are

As Chartered Accountants working, living and travelling across Europe for almost 10 years, we (Dharmesh and Manisha) were able to procure the best European Organic food for our beautiful baby, Nishka.

Nishka was introduced to 100% delicious EU organic fruit purees when she was weaning and growing. She loved the goodness of healthy, enjoyable and nutritious food purees. While feeding her, we felt confident that she was getting an array of food purees, which were of superior quality and perfectly supplemented our home feeding. This also gave us flexibility in our busy lives.


On our occasional trips to India, we found it really difficult to avail these organic food purees. As we started interacting with more and more parents, we realised that they were all concerned about the presence of pesticides, harmful substances, chemicals, pollutants, artificial nasties, etc. found within fruits and vegetables. We were worried that the food offered to little ones lacked traceability, and in many cases, weren’t fit for human consumption. All of us were extremely passionate about providing the best quality food for our little ones.


With an uncompromising attitude for quality, I felt determined to bring in the same delicious goodness of organic fruits and vegetables, which kids in Europe consume, to Nishka and many little ones from her generation.


I decided to quit my job as Finance Director with Nexmo in London, and went on a mission to learn about organic food and how we can source it from the roots to rumbling tummies in India. I travelled to Spain, Austria, Slovenia, Italy, and some parts of the UK, in search for the best organic farm produces.

I spent 2 years developing our products and recipes that are designed especially for your baby, which is combined with the best quality fruits and veggies that are perfect for your little ones. Our food is 100% sourced and prepared in Europe, under the stringent EU-Organic certifications, and our packaging is convenient and BPA-free.