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Plum & Prune

Made with succulent plums and prunes (dried plums), this delicious blend of organic puree is a powerhouse of Vitamins B, C and K. Fortified with Potassium, Fiber and Carbs, it is a wholesome meal for your little one!


Blueberry, Apple,
Banana & Strawberry

An absolutely delicious combination of 4 super-fruits makes this puree burst with flavors and health benefits! Vitamins A, B-6 and C come from Blueberry, Banana and Apple. Topping it up, Strawberry and Blueberry gives your little one strength with Calcium and Iron.



Our purees are made with organic fruits, handpicked with love, from the farms of Europe. Gently cooked and packaged to preserve the nutrients without any additives. Bringing only the goodness of delicious fruits all the way to India, perfect for tiny tummies.


Our Promise

No added sugar,
salt or water
No additives and
no nasties
Contains no
milk or milk
No BPA in

Why Organic ?

Oragnic food means free from Pesticides (Organic means atleast 95% free of pesticides), free from harmful substances, additives and preservatives. It also means organic is free from Genetically modified food. Research suggests that organic crop are upto 68% more in a number of key antioxidants than conventionally grown crops Choosing organically produced foods can lead to a reduced intake of potentially harmful cadmium and pesticides. Non-organic fruit had the highest pesticide frequency (75%), The best way to reduce your exposure to pesticides in all foods is to buy organic.


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All our products are made up of fruits and vegetables, which are hand-picked from the organic farms situated in the European Union.

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We create our products in world-class, hygienic and sterile facilities situated in the European Union.

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Tiny Spoons products can be easily purchased from our website www.tinyspoons.in OR from Amazon India www.amazon.in.

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Our super yummy fruit and veggie purees are made especially for your young ones who are 6 months and more.

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